IIT Students

“Hats off to “Vimal Sir”. It was wonderful experience.I never imagined it would be so good.The way of teaching is just awesome.“
– Aadhar Jain , LNM IIT

“It’s beings enjoyfully while attending the Classes. I gained Knowledge about Bin-14-106, OS, Hacking, python. The Faculty is very good they help me a lot in completing my project”

Netaji Baidya, Tripura Institute of Technology

“A very knowledgeable, skillful & Cooperative Person. Vimal Sir has solution to almost every Problem which the student has.

For LinuxWorld: – A Training Center which is one of its own kind Complementary Service Provide RHCE /RHCSA.”

RISHAB, S.R.M.S. College of Engg. & Tech Bareilly

“He’s too good or let me correct myself, he’s Awesome Trainer. He knew where will be Facing Problem in Programming there thing so he focus more on them particular area. I learnt a lot here, I feel myself so Lucky to teach a wonderful teacher.”

-Vishal Dubey, Bharat Institute of Technology

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