“First of all “Vimal Sir” ,simply “the best”. As I started earlier I’ve gained above my expectation at Liunx World.I have never been trained in such a friendly language of computer before in my college which I found quite amazing enthusiasm of “Ashuthosh sir” is incredible ,the way he approach towords any dynamic doubt ,issue is really awesome.In short he is “Dictionary” of solutions.“
– Aman Pareek , VIT Vellore

“Hats off to “Vimal Sir”. It was wonderful experience.I never imagined it would be so good.The way of teaching is just awesome.“
– Aadhar Jain , LNM IIT

“The sessions were really amazing and the way of teaching was really well and the friendly bound between trainer and student helped in understanding the concept as well as problems.If I get chance I would love to do more training from here.“
– Bhagyashree Jain , VIT Vellore

“The experience to be taught by vimal Sir was amazing and was above the expectations.Morale was boosted up and I’ll looking forward to come back and to be taught by him again.“
– Jaismeen Kaur , BIT ,Mesra

“Vimal sir was excellent, the way he trained us was great and it become very easy ti implement thing after the class. He discussed  our project with us and helped us and helped us whenever we are not excuse about our training.  ” –Naresh kumar, NIT Agartala

“The Training period was really a new learning experience. Vimal Sir is dynamic has a great knowledge in the subject and really dedicated. Learn a lot in this time period. Down- to earth and provides helpful tips. Overall Excellent!”

Gaurav kumar Joshi, DIT University Dehradun

“Viaml Sir is the most talented person I ever met with always Co-operative and Supportive. First person I  ever met who excells in all most every field and always updates with latest technologies.  Ask him any doubts, you will get your answers at as Instant.  A person with magical touch, bring him something to debug and yes your error will surely  Vanish! ”

-Nitesh Agrawal, NIT Rourkela