Jaipur RHCE

Red Hat Cluster Notes

1) Cluster types: – High Availability / Failover cluster (Ideal for Database, file servers) – Load Balancing  (Ideal for high load web traffic) – High Performance (Large computational problems) 2) Clustering can be implemented in two ways . – Active – Active ( Both nodes [Read More]

Redhat Linux Security Tips

New Features and Options of Firewalld ===================================== As All you know that Centos/Redhat 7 is Using by Default Service as Firewalld instead of Iptables. Now To Block all incoming and Outgoing Connection from your server ----------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Check your Firewalld Service ================================ [root@desktop87 ~]# systemctl [Read More]

Tips for checking external ip address provided by ISP

There are lots of tricks and for checking real (External IP): 1. root@hacked:~#   curl  icanhazip.com 2. root@hacked:~#   curl ifconfig.me 3. root@hacked:~#   curl ident.me 4. root@hacked:~#   curl ipecho.net/plain 5. root@hacked:~#   curl ipecho.net 6. root@hacked:~#   curl  whatismyip.akamai.com 7. root@hacked:~#   curl  tnx.nl/ip [Read More]