RHCSA & RHCE Training

Red Hat Certification Exam (RHCE)

Red Hat System Administration III (RH254) is designed for experienced Linux administrators who require networking and security administration skills. With a heavy emphasis on practical, hands-on labs, this course is tightly aligned with experienced Linux administrators’ job tasks and the skills required for advancement.

Course Content

Module 1

  • Get Started with the GNOME Graphical Desktop
  • Manage File Graphically with Nautilus
  • Get Help in a Graphical Environment
  • Configure Local Services
  • Manage Physical Storage I
  • Manage Local Volumes
  • Monitor System Resources
  • Manage System Software
  • Get Started with Bash
  • Get Help in a Textual Environment
  • Establish Network Connectivity
  • Administer Users and Groups
  • Secure Linux File Access
  • Administer Remote Systems
  • Configure General Services
  • Manage Physical Storage II
  • Install Linux Graphically
  • Manage Virtual Machines
  • Control the Boot Process
  • Deploy File Sharing Services
  • Secure Network Services
  • Comprehensive Review

Module 2

  • Automated Installation of Red hat Enterprise Linux
  • Accessing the Command – line
  • Intermediate Command – line Tools
  • Regular Expressions, Pipelines and I/O Redirection
  • Network Configuration and Troubleshooting
  • Managing Simple Partitions and file systems
  • Managing Flexible Storage With Logical Volume Manager
  • Accessing Network File Sharing Services
  • Managing User Accounts
  • Network User Accounts with LDAP
  • Controlling Access to Files
  • Managing SELinux
  • Installing and Managing Software
  • Managing Installed Services
  • Analyzing and storing Logs
  • Managing Processes
  • Tuning and Maintaining the Kernel
  • System Recovery Techniques

Module 3

  • Getting Started with the Classroom Environment
  • Enhance User Security
  • Bash Scripting and tools
  • File security with Gnu PG
  • Package Management
  • Network Monitoring
  • Advance Network Configuration
  • Secure Network Traffic
  • NTP Server Configuration
  • System Monitoring and Logs
  • Centralized and secure Storage
  • SSL Encapsulated web Services
  • Web Server Additional Configuration
  • Basic SMTP configuration
  • Caching only DNS server
  • File Sharing with NFS
  • File Sharing with CIFS
  • File sharing with FTP
  • Troubleshooting the Boot Process

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