How initrd target works in RHEL7

After pressing power button signal goes to BIOS which goes through default boot process. By default it’s boot from hard drive. When it enters MBR(Master Bott Record), MBR is the first section of the hard drive the computer looks at after the BIOS hands control [Read More]

Cryptography in Redhat 7

Cryptography means making a sense for securing your data outside and inside your computer system There are two parts of cryptography normally : 1 . Encoding 2. Encryption ENCODING: To change your data from one (human readble form) to a unknow language using any algorithm. [Read More]

Tips for checking external ip address provided by ISP

There are lots of tricks and for checking real (External IP): 1. root@hacked:~#   curl 2. root@hacked:~#   curl 3. root@hacked:~#   curl 4. root@hacked:~#   curl 5. root@hacked:~#   curl 6. root@hacked:~#   curl 7. root@hacked:~#   curl [Read More]

Tips for downloading software from Yum

1. In general yum download and install the software but you can download software with the help of yum without installing the software “In some versions of rpm based linux below given command working” [root@localhost$~] yum install –downloadonly vsftpd 2.  In the latest version’s of [Read More]