Why do hackers prefer Linux?

  Also in today’s open source roundup: The best Linux desktop for customization, and how Star Trek inspired people with technology Why do hackers prefer Linux? Linux has much to offer any computer user, but it has proven to be particularly popular with hackers. A [Read More]


1. Why LVM is required ? LVM stands for Logical Volume Manager , to resize filesystem’s size online we required LVM partition in Linux. Size of LVM partition can be extended and reduced using the lvextend & lvreduce commands respectively. 2. Is it possible to [Read More]

Linux Server Tips

1. Proxy Server and its use. A proxy server is a computer server which gives the client system an indirect access to spme other network or service. A client connects to the proxy and requests connection, file, services available on a different server. The proxy [Read More]

Redhat Linux Security Tips

New Features and Options of Firewalld ===================================== As All you know that Centos/Redhat 7 is Using by Default Service as Firewalld instead of Iptables. Now To Block all incoming and Outgoing Connection from your server ----------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Check your Firewalld Service ================================ [root@desktop87 ~]# systemctl [Read More]

Linux Important Facts

1. What is Linux Kernel? Linux Kernel is a low-level systems software whose main role is to manage hardware resources for the user  and to provide an interface for user-level interaction. 2. What is BASH? BASH is short for Bourne Again SHell. It was written [Read More]


1.1. CLUSTER SOFTWARE INSTALLATION 1.2. CLUSTER CREATION 1.3. FENCING CONFIGURATION This chapter describes the procedure for creating a Red Hat High Availability two-node cluster using pcs. After you have created a cluster, you can configure the resources and resource groups that you require. Configuring the [Read More]

LVM Thing Provision

The concept of LVM Thin Provision is to create a new size of POOL other than Volume Group (VG) from where you can create very much larger size of Logical volume partition. Here are few simple steps are given ============================ We can assume that we [Read More]