Minimum Hardware Requirement for RHEL 7

Minimum hardware requirement would be discussed in this article. Before you prepare a server system for exam practice, it is good idea to have a look on minimum hardware requirement for rhel7. This minimum requirement is outlined only for RHCE exam prospective.


64 Bit system

During the exam you need to configure KVM and KVM operate only on 64 bit system. So you need a 64 bit system for exam preparation. For the practice of exam, we need to install RHEL 7. And to configure a system for KVM, which requires hardware assisted virtualization. For this we need a system with 64-bit CPUs and related hardware.


For exam prospective you need not worry about architecture as in exam you get a live system with proper architecture. For practice prospective you should use Intel/AMD 64-bit or x86_64 architecture for the RHCSA and RHCE exams.

RAM Requirements

Officially Red Hat requires 512MB of RAM and recommends at least 1GB of RAM per system. Red hat OS is designed in such a way that it could run smoothly even on 200 MB RAM (ON VM without GUI).

Maximum Ram supported by RHEL7 is 16GB on 32-bit systems and 2TB on 64-bit systems.

For practice we suggest you use a system with at least 2 GB RAM 1 GB for host RHEL system and 1 GB for KVM.

Hard Drive

Red hat require minimum 12GB of free space but for the practice we suggest you to use a hard disk with minimum 40 GB free space on server. During the practice we would host another machine in KVM and would make a dump of rhel7 disk on server for network installation. Start practice with minimum 40 GB free disk space.


Red Hat does not include a floppy version of the boot images in RHEL7. Your system will need a boot-capable CDROM drive, or BIOS capable to boot form PXE.